Copa Tropicalia V: Integration Through Sports

After five years coordinating the Tropicalia Cup baseball, a strange feeling of satisfaction with what we have achieved is perceived. And this feeling invites to look back, to think about the beginning.

The Tropicalia Cup has evolved into an event for all the players who build indelible moments on the pitch, same as we put together three weeks prior to the meeting; traders, contributing selflessly making possible the result of a stadium that represents us and makes us proud; the mayor and his constant willingness to provide the few resources available to us and Tropicalia Foundation privileged to be part of this Miches, a present that is built on hard, the future we all want for ourselves.

Thus Tropicalia Cup has become synonymous with the struggle of a people for itself, for his welfare. We have agreed on a common goal and each year we make it happen. And the V Tropicalia Cup is an example of what can be achieved through hard work and the joint efforts of social actors who work on behalf of the community.

The goal is to play, no matter who wins, because at the time of first release, and we all win.