Fundación Tropicalia Visits Scholarship Students The Fundación Tropicalia paid a visit to the Universidad ISA to visit Wilkin, Manuel and Marcia, the three Miches students who received FT-ISA scholarships last year and tour ISA’s campus.  During their day at the university, Sofia Perazzo and Gustavo Roman  of Fundación Tropicalia met with university officials, such as the Dean of Admissions and the Head of Financial Aid, and discussed the how new students adapt to university life, living away from home for the first time, as well as the academic amenities and opportunities that ISA offers. As for the tour, the FT team explored sights such as the extensive plantation fields of bananas, yuca and corn, just to name a few, as well as the university’s latest advances in biotechnology and genetic engineering for agriculture. Afterwards, FT members and ISA officials lunched with Wilkin, Manuel and Marcia,  to reinforce FT’s support and the importance of strong academic performance.