Harvesting Development in Miches

Entrepreneurship is a very important tool to motivate the young people of Miches to become agents of change in the future of the development of Miches. To achieve this, the whole community must be involved in the training process across the various work areas throughout the community; and this is actually happening! 

With LEAF (League of Agricultural Entrepreneurs in Training), we have taught two (2) workshops related to environmental care, which allowed us to sow parsley, lettuce, radish, chard, cherry tomato, arugula, coriander, and Chinese cabbage, all donated by Estancia La Querencia. Parents and children worked hand-in-hand in the preparation of flower beds, dowels, and identifiers for the garden. During the activities, we received support from the Director of the Municipal District of La Gina, Mr. Domingo Mauricio, who collaborated with logistical material to prepare the planting ground.

Also, through the Home Gardening for Women initiative, we held three (3) workshops focused on agricultural techniques, healthy eating, and household waste , four (4) lands were prepared and two (2) enabled for sowing, using recycled material [ML2]. Also, for participants to develop and sustain a culture of family gardens over time, they were given seeds and seedlings. 

Entrepreneurship training did not stop there, in November the conference “Meeting a Successful Entrepreneur” was held under the framework of the Acceleration of Companies program of Miches, yes! (AEMs) We had the opportunity to have as a speaker, entrepreneur Milagros Inoa, a true example of a woman fighter with a solid entrepreneurial spirit, who shared with a group of 20 entrepreneurs participating in the AEMs program and the Network of entrepreneurs. 

We close a year of special attention to knowledge, culture, and development with the participation of the students of our Scholarship Program with the ISA University, in the eighth Professional Cultural Meeting, where they enjoyed a guided tour of La Aurora Cigars Factory, learning about the company's more than 110 years of history and getting to know the entire process of creating a good Dominican cigar, one of the main export products of our country. As if that were not enough, the students had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Juan Alberto Diaz, university professor and digital marketing and strategy consultant, with whom they learned how to effectively manage their social networks in favor of a good professional image, a paramount aspect in the dynamics of an entrepreneurs.

Congratulations!! Varied timely knowledge that awakens in the young people of Miches the motivation to create their projects and see their career more strategically.