Another Year Where Girls Know How Important They Are

We have successfully completed another year of Soy niña, soy importante (I’m a Girl, I’m Important) summer camp, where 300 girls from Miches, ages 9 to 12, had the opportunity to share a week full of joy, games and lots of learning! One more year in which we strive to make sure these girls recognize how important they are for their families, their friends and, especially, for themselves. 

Through educational workshops, talks and many games, we have taught them how valuable this stage of their lives is, and how important it is that they have the opportunity to smile, dream big, and simply be girls. 

The girls attended workshops on arts and crafts, storytelling sessions, the spa, soccer practice, yoga and zumba classes, and this year we added a few other activities to the program that allowed us to offer interesting novelties to the camp. 

The STEM workshop was a hit with the girls, where they discovered the fascinating world of science and experiments, and made their own prototypes. They developed hypotheses that allowed them to design individual structures to throw eggs from a certain height without breaking; they also had the opportunity to build electrical circuits with clay, batteries and wires in order to light bulbs.


Miss Rizos supported us with interesting motivational talks where the girls discussed the subject of self-esteem and were offered tools to learn to develop their potential. The older girls participated in a workshop where they learned how to make ecological sanitary napkins that not only contribute to the conservation of the environment, but are also healthier.  

On the last day of camp, in addition to the "Great Race" and the fun water activities, this year the girls put on a Talent Show where each group performed and competed with each other. Encouraged by laughter and much applause from the public, the winners were selected and gifted trophies to take home. 

Within the framework of the camp, this year we also supported the social campaign “PARO POR LA NIÑAS” (I Stop For Girls), an initiative led by the International Plan Foundation with the objective of raising awareness about the damage caused by child marriage and forced unions. Our participation included a recorded video that shows how all the activities of the camp were paralyzed on July 18th, as a way to join the cause. 


None of this would have been possible without the help of our supporters who contributed through donations. We’re very grateful to the organizations who provided a space for collection centers for in-kind donations. And we want to extend a warm thank you to all the volunteers who gave so much of their time and hearts to make the girls of Miches happy, as well as our ambassadors who, like every year, support us in a variety of ways. 

To see the photos of the 2019 camp session we invite you to visit this album