Driving New Economic Opportunities

We actively work alongside the community and our partners to create, design and execute programs that contribute to the development of small and micro enterprises (SMEs) in the local community.

Through workshops, access to financing and technical training, we promote the incorporation of local producers and entrepreneurs into the sustainable tourism value chain of the region, which is increasingly attracting tourism investment and will demand high-quality goods and services.

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¡Miches, sí! (or “Miches, Yes!”) a business program focused on strengthening local SMEs and supporting new ventures that cater to tourism and agricultural sustainability, through training and access to financing.

¡Miches, sí! supports the entrepreneur to develop a plan to establish a new business or to redefine or strengthen an existing business plan. At the same time, it enables those who take this training to participate in a business contest to access non-reimbursable seed capital. 

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Fundación Tropicalia has partnered with Banco ADOPEM -a financial institution geared towards serving micro, small and medium enterprises- to roll-out a low interest credit fund designed especially for ¡Miches, sí! participants. This fund provides loans on favorable terms to local businesses designated for tourism and agricultural innovation that are sustainable and environmentally responsible.

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Fundación Tropicalia is constantly trying to activate mechanisms to bring knowledge and tools that allow local producers and entrepreneurs to improve their processes, through better use of land, climate-smart agricultural practices, and fostering market links.

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