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Supporting social and cultural identity

The region’s rich and unique artistic and cultural heritage is fundamental to the destination's local identity, and thus an important pillar of our work. Fundación Tropicalia supports various social and cultural activities always in partnership with local government and community leaders.

We develop a combination of activities that promote the integral development of the inhabitants, gender equality, and physical and mental health, maintained by exercise, nutrition and good habits.


Soy niña, soy importante (“I’m a Girl, I’m Important” or SNSI) is a summer day camp that serves girls 9-12 years old, and has the mission of providing a safe, nurturing environment where their rights are respected and they recognize their value in society.

In 2019 we developed the 7th edition of SNSI, reaching a total of 1,784 participations. Each year, more than 300 girls receive constructive, and at the same time, fun guidance so that they discover their potential, dream big and have the socio-emotional skills needed to make informed and important decisions like staying in school, staying safe and timely family planning.

To stay informed about SNSI, visit and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. If you wish to donate or volunteer, click here.


Fundación Tropicalia maximizes the natural and cultural heritage of the region by supporting various cultural activities in partnership with the local government and community leaders.

Initiatives supported include:

- The annual and historically significant “Carnaval” celebrations. Fundación Tropicalia supports cultural managers (such as the town hall, different carnival groups and schools) that contribute to the organization of Miches’ Carnaval and the festivities.

- Fiestas Patronales. Each year, Fundación Tropicalia sponsors Miches’ Patron Saint festivities with the objective of highlighting the musical characteristics and cultural presentations that highlight this important celebration.


Fundación Tropicalia publishes its bimonthly Community Newsletter which tells the story of its leading protagonists. In each edition, 2,000 copies are distributed across more than 60 distribution points in Miches.

The Community Newsletter serves an educational mission, following an editorial line that promotes sustainable development, environmental stewardship, health and disease awareness, local culture and traditions, and individual and civic responsibility for children and adults alike.

We have published more than 50 editions since 2011.


In addition to its institutional website, Fundación Tropicalia currently manages two microportals to communicate in detail its programs with greater scope: - Soy niña, soy importante Website, where more information is offered on how to get involved and support the cause. - to inform about the most recent advances of the programs in Productivity.

Fundación Tropicalia publishes the latest news on its programs through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook along with its corporate profile on LinkedIn. Relevant publications are uploaded to Scribd and additional audiovisual resources can be found on YouTube and Flickr.