We continue to stay focused on the well-being of our girls!

In the month of March we celebrated International Women's Day, a date aimed at highlighting the value of women, uniting activists around the world, celebrating achievements and taking action to help improve and protect the rights of women and girls.

Throughout the month, we participated in a series of activities that commemorated the holiday and benefited groups of girls and women across a variety of locations.

We kicked off the month with the event "Connect your passions, design your vision and manifest your future", led by the talented coach Anadel Alberti in the city of Miami, who conducted a workshop for 31 female participants on identifying their passions and designing their vision board. 

As the month continued, we were privileged to receive a resolution from the New York State Senate, recognizing our achievements in the Dominican Republic, honoring our ten year anniversary.

We also participated in the panel "Women Success Factor'', where the discussion on "The transformative effect of women's leadership" was held, detailing successful experiences of empowerment and promoting a powerful conversation to continue strengthening gender equality. One of the panelists was Katherine Duran, Executive Director of Fundación Tropicalia, who highlighted the incredible work we do on behalf of our girls.

Empowering girls to exercise her rights builds a more stable and just society!

We sponsored a medical operation carried out in the municipality of Miches, El Seibo province, where Pap smears were conducted for adults, vaccinations provided against human papillomavirus for girls 9 to 14, and a workshop was held on female menstruation where reusable menstruation kits were provided to attendees. 

For this initiative we had the pleasure of working with important partners such as Fundación Oncoserv, Proinfancia RD, Days for Girls RD, the Miches Educational District and CONAPOFA.

Vaccination is a safe and reliable prevention method to avoid infection by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

Reunited with the "Soy niña, soy importante" Ambassadors Network

We recently held the annual event to reunite with our ambassadors, composed of 18 influential figures in our country, alongside strategic allies, to discuss past highlights and ways to collaborate during the upcoming season.

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